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Everything you need to know about Terrain Planning and Design, your best choice when it comes to your NH, MA, ME, or CT landscape design project.

Looking to make some changes to your backyard? Or perhaps you’re helping design a new park for the city? No matter what landscape project you’re working on, the skilled design architects at Terrain Planning and Design are here to help.

We don’t just want to make your outdoor space aesthetically pleasing, but also functional for years to come. Here is just a peek of what we have to offer:

Our Unique Philosophy

With any project, we make the decision to work with nature instead of against it.  Utilizing innovative storm-water management techniques, a native palette of ornamental plant material and environmental sensitivity, we are able to create sustainable designs that reflect and respect the character of any site.

A Highly Customized Process

We begin every project with project programming, inventory and analysis. During this step, we’ll ask for a topographic survey/ base map from which we can accurately work.

Next, we move into creating the design. This is where our imagination gets to work the hardest. After sorting through our various design concepts, we’ll present a conceptual master plan to you completed using a 3D rendering software so you can have a real life view of what your new space could look like.

After that, we’ll roll into design development. Once the concept is approved, we’ll explore exact dimensions, materials, and details of site improvements. This is the phase where we’ll also be able to make a final cost estimate after taking everything into consideration.

During construction documenting, we’ll draw up a design document to provide to contractors.  This will help form the basis of a fair and equal price comparison when submitted for competitive bidding.

The last phase is project management. With years of experience under our belt, we’ll offer assistance all the way until project completion to ensure that everything is installed correctly and to prevent any future issues from arising.

An Experienced Staff

As New England natives, our architects have a keen understanding of the elements that New Hampshire  faces and take that into consideration when working with any landscape design. Our principal landscape architect and owner, Erik Buck, has a B.S. in Landscape Architecture as well as a B.S. in Ornamental Horticulture from the University of Connecticut. Buck is constantly inspired by the changing seasons of New Hampshire which play a role in all of his designs.

Our associate landscape architect, Ian Didow, also earned his B.S. in Landscape Architecture at the University of Connecticut. His inspiration is rooted in the power of design, in terms of how the manipulation of space and form within the landscape, as well as the creative integration of both artistic and naturalistic elements can.

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Integrated Residential Landscape Design

Whether it’s acres of land or a small city backyard, we’ll find the landscape solution that works for your space. Before we break ground, we assess your space and your needs to come up with a design plan that will be beneficial to you for years to come. By using our integrated design approach, we’re able to see the land as a whole and find ways that it can be better interwoven with man-made and natural structures.

Comprehensive Park & Playground Planning

A lot goes into creating a community space that the public can enjoy. Between city ordinances and community requests, it can be a challenge to build a park or playground that follows the rules, but also excites its users.

Terrain Landscape is happy to help you starting from initial conception all the way through the end of construction. We offer comprehensive project management skills and partner with the best landscape companies in New Hampshire to help create safe, exciting, and enjoyable open spaces that are guaranteed to strengthen and enhance the recreational space of any community.

Breathtaking Swimming Pool Design

When it comes to installing pools and designing the space around it, we focus on a balance of functionality and aesthetics. It’s easy to just have a company install a pool, but to have the vision to make it compliment the rest of your backyard space is where Terrain Landscape excels.

Ready to Turn Your Outdoor Vision into a Reality?

Our skilled landscape design architects are ready when you are. Terrain Planning & Design offers free consultations to residents of MA, NH, ME and CT who are looking to upgrade their space. Give us a call today at (603) 746-3512 and we can get started on planning your new beautiful outdoor area.

About Terrain Planning

Terrain Planning is a NH residential and commercial landscape architectural firm staffed with licensed landscape architects specializing in landscape architecture design and planning, land use planning, wetland permitting, landscape design, landscape contracting and construction project management with a keen eye for both natural and sustainable landscapes. Landscape design and architectural services include backyard landscape design, outdoor kitchen design, swimming pool design, patio, drive and walkway design, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, ponds and waterfalls, playground and park design, shoreline wetlands planning and permitting, shoreline erosion planning and construction, as well as residential development planning

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“Eric Buck with Terrain Planning is the most professional, versed, and creative architect that I have worked with in 30 years in the industry.”
ROB KEIM Keim Landscape Consulting
“Terrain planning and design have done several design projects for me. One of the few landscape design companies that will design and over see the project till the finish. Great company.”
Bryan Fournier Bryan Fournier Landscape & Irrigation
“We hired Eric from Terrain Planning to redesign the courtyard of our reproduction home in Henniker NH. The plans we received were absolutely top notch and beautiful.”
Russell Mann Henniker, New Hampshire

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