“Terrain” represents the medium that we use to link the built environment with the natural world around us.

A Few of the Services We Offer

Land Planning

A thorough evaluation of real estate property before development helps to determine the cost/benefit factor long before construction begins. This is known as “Land Planning” or “Master Planning.” Completing the master planning process for a site exposes the limitations as well as the opportunities for the landowner.

Whereas Landscape Architecture may deal with the site-specific elements of landscape design, land planning is broader in scope.


Landscape Architecture

Landscape architects are different than landscape designers.

One of the main differences between a landscape architect and a landscape designer is that an architect, is a licensed professional who has gone through extensive schooling, passed a registration exam and is required to follow the regulations of the state in which he or she practices.

A landscape designer may or may not have any formal training. What they bring to the design table has much to do with their personal experience in the landscaping trades.


Playground Design

Interpretive Play Playgrounds have become wildly popular among educators and environmental awareness groups. As landscape architects, we have been designing natural playgrounds in New Hampshire more and more eveInterpretive-Playground-Desry year.

However, natural playgrounds are not a new concept. Since the beginning of time, children have formed a world of imagination with sticks, boulders, trees and fallen logs. It’s only in recent years that stainless steel tubing and brightly colored plastic has replaced the organic world of natural play.


Project Management

The landscape design is complete. The plans and construction details have been drafted. The next step is to hire a qualified and competent landscaping contractor, or team of contractors from various trades to install the project.

Whether you are in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or Maine, this is the phase that can be the most difficult part for a homeowner. Who is a good contractor?What licenses are required? Is this going to stay within budget? This role is best fulfilled by a Landscape Project Manager.


Residential Landscape Design

As landscape architects in Bedford New Hampshire, a good percentage of our business involves residential landscape design.

It is one of the most satisfying and rewarding aspects of what we do. Your home is the most important place in the world to you. Perhaps your yard is not all that you think it should be. Designing your home landscape is a very personal business, and it should contain elements that reflect your personality. You need a plan to make that dream a reality.


Shoreline Wetlands Permitting

There’s nothing like having a lakefront property in New Hampshire. The quiet atmosphere and abundant recreation opportunities year-round bring not only New Hampshire residents to these shoreline wetlands areas, but also residents of Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont.

What may come as a surprise to many folks is that up to 250 feet from the water’s edge, their waterfront property comes under the regulation of the Shoreline Protection Act.


Sustainable Landscapes

There is a term that landscape architects have used for over a decade that is now becoming a household name: “Sustainable Landscapes.” Even in New Hampshire, the effects of a growing population have put a strain on natural wildlife habitats.

Sustainable-LandscapesMany home builders and home developers have embraced Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design* (LEED) standards in making the home construction itself more energy efficient and carbon-neutral. This is a great first step, but there is still much work to be done regarding the use and low-impact development of the land itself.


Swimming Pool Design

Swimming pools are the centerpiece of any backyard. There is an inherent social quality associated with the backyard pool. As a primary feature of the outdoor living area, swimming pools offer the promise of fun, relaxation, and entertainment.

The “one-stop shop.” When considering swimming pool design for your backyard, who should you call first? Many homeowners assume the first step is to find a pool contractor in New Hampshire or Eastern Massachusetts. After all, it is the largest part of a backyard project, and most pool companies are a “one-stop shop.” Most pool installation companies will travel a great distance and handle all of the aspects of pool construction with their own crews or subcontractors. They may have an in-house pool designer or a set of stock swimming pool designs for you to choose from. Conventional wisdom says, “let’s put the pool in first, then landscape around it.” How can you go wrong with that?



Our Architects bring a fresh new approach to Landscape Architecture in a changing world


Eric R. Buck

Principal Landscape Architect/Owner

Where I’m from: I grew up in Meredith NH, on the shores of picturesque Lake Winnipesaukee. As a young boy I enjoyed being outside and always interacting with nature.  You could usually find me and my younger brother building forts, playing in the woods and getting dirty.

Where I Studied: I have ab B.S in Landscape Architecture as well as a B.S. in Ornamental Horticulture from the University of Connecticut, GO HUSKIES!!

Where I’ve worked: At an early age I began mowing lawns and doing various landscape maintenance tasks with my father’s small lawn mowing company. I then went on to work for one of the premier landscape construction companies in the Lakes Region, working my way up through the ranks from laborer to foreman and eventually project manager. This deep rooted construction experience brings a valuable practicality to our designs.

Where I live: I currently live in Bedford NH with my wife Brooke, our black lab, Ruger, and our two young sons, Keegan, 2 ½ and Reed, 8 mo. We have recently embarked on the exciting journey of designing and constructing our new home in Hopkinton NH.

What inspires me: I think we live in one of the most beautiful regions of the country. I love how our landscape interacts with the different seasons. I also think the history behind how our landscape was shaped is fascinating. I really like old stone walls & the resilience of native plant material continues to baffle me. Mother Nature has set the bar pretty high, the projects we design are just trying to keep up.

Why Landscape Architecture: Having the ability to create, change or enhance a person’s outdoor living environment is a great responsibility and something I take very seriously. Beyond that the creative blend of art and science that this profession puts in front of me on a daily basis is always exciting, challenging and invigorating.

What do I do when I’m not working: I am an avid outdoorsman.  When not at work I can be found, fishing, hunting, skiing, hiking or camping. Enjoying time outdoors with my family is incredibly rewarding.

Ian Didow

Associate Landscape Architect

Where I’m from: I grew up in Foster, Rhode Island, in a house that my father designed and built with his own two hands. As a young boy at the time, the process of seeing our house progress from a sketch on paper to a completely finished structure with all the comforts of home was truly remarkable to me. To this day, I consider the experience to be the initial spark which ignited my interest in the design and construction industries.

Where I Studied: In 2015, I earned a B.S. in Landscape Architecture from the University of Connecticut.

Where I’ve worked: At a very young age I began working for my parents and each of their small businesses. My father, being self-employed carpenter, specialized in building custom wood decks, sheds and home additions. My stepmother owned & operated a plant nursery business which was based at our home. I spent much of my youth inside a greenhouse, helping to maintain the plant stock, in addition to performing countless landscape and construction related tasks on a regular basis.

During college, I spent my summers working on the Horticulture and Facilities Departments at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island. There, I was responsible for maintaining a diverse display of animal exhibits and public landscapes. Eventually, I worked my way up to Project Manager and spent a year managing the design and construction of several zoo renovation projects.

Where I live: In 2016, after being given the opportunity to come work at Terrain, my fiancé Kayli & I embarked on a new career path together, relocating from Rhode Island to New Hampshire. It has turned out to be a rewarding and life changing experience and we’ve both fallen in love with this beautiful state.

What inspires me: I am fascinated by the power of design, in terms of how the manipulation of space and form within the landscape, as well as the creative integration of both artistic and naturalistic elements can have such a profound impact on the quality of a living space, and by extension, the quality of a person’s life.

Why Landscape Architecture: Simple, I was born and raised to be a Landscape Architect. It is the perfect combination of both sides of my parents influence. My father taught me how to build things while my stepmother taught me about plants and introduced me into the landscape industry.

What do I do when I’m not working: When not at work, there is a good chance that I am hanging out at home or on a road trip with my beautiful fiancé. I also enjoy sketching, nature photography, wood working, playing basketball, practicing martial arts, hiking, and archery.

Branden Gallagher

Associate Landscape Architect

Where I’m from: My name is Branden Gallagher and I have lived in New Hampshire for 15 years. I have lived in many of the surrounding towns in New Hampshire as well as in the states of New York, Texas, Illinois and California. New Hampshire has so much to offer from the mountains to the ocean, making it a choice place for living and starting a family.

Where I Studied: I earned my BA in Graphic Design from Plymouth State University. I then continued my education and obtained an Associate’s degree in Landscape Design from New Hampshire Technical Institute. The combination of the two degrees has allowed me to pursue my current employment as an Associate Landscape Architect at Terrain Planning & Design.

Where I’ve worked: My past employment includes time as a landscape laborer. Being a landscape laborer has allowed me to see how the designs work infield. It was a great base for my current employment field. I have also worked jobs unrelated to the field such as working at the Concord Monitor, as well as a moving company.

Where I live: I live in beautiful Northfield, New Hampshire with my girlfriend of 5 years, Danielle, and my two awesome dogs, Sammy and Hallie.

What inspires me: What inspires me is the drive to do great. I pride myself in quality of work, and I want that to reflect in the projects I complete. When a client expresses their interest in your design, it makes you want to strive to continue to produce work in which people admire. Hard work paying off provides me with great inspiration toward my career and work.

Why Landscape Architecture: Landscape architecture is a unique balance between science and art. I feel that nothing combines the two disciplines in such a way that Landscape Architecture does. When the two fields are showcased together in a successful manner, the final product can prove to be astonishing. I have experienced the great capabilities of landscape architecture and Landscape Architects firsthand,
which is why I continue to seek and enjoy the career of Landscape Architecture.

What do I do when I’m not working: When I am not working, I enjoy life of the outdoors. When not in the office, you can find me hiking with my family, fishing with the dogs, or lounging in the yard. Basketball, baseball, frisbee golf and football are among some of the other hobbies I enjoy.