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What to look for in a New Hampshire landscape company

Serving home and business owners throughout New Hampshire from their office in Hopkinton, Terrain Landscape Planning and Design has earned themselves a spot as one of the top landscape design companies in NH.

When it comes to reliable landscaping companies in New Hampshire, more and more people are turning to Terrain Planning and Design. You’ll notice the word “planning” is in our name and that’s not a term we use lightly. Before breaking ground, we’ll assess the space and your home to create a landscape design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing to you for years to come.

We offer a wide array of design and planning services to NH home and business owners including:

Concrete pavers

In New Hampshire, you can almost always count on plenty of snowfall in the winter. When installing concrete pavers for your property, it’s important that they’re highly durable to not only withstand consistent foot traffic, but also changes in the weather. However, we know that time can still result in a cracked or worn piece. That’s why our interlocking pavers are installed individually, so that they can be easily repaired in no time. To upkeep maintenance, we also offer annual sealings to keep them looking clean and new.

Additionally, we offer flexibility. With so many patterns, colors, and shapes to choose from, concrete paver designs are practically limitless. So whether you live in a classic Victorian or a modern building, we’ll have the design solution that’s perfect for you.

Garden expertise

We’re no stranger to the harsh New England climate. However, even with cold winters and short springs, you can still have the garden of your dreams. With years of experience, we’ll provide consultation to help you decide which types of plants will thrive in your new green space.

And if you’re new to gardening, we’re more than happy to provide you ideas and planning for:

  • Organic gardens
  • Raised herb beds
  • Terrace gardens
  • Seasonal gardens
  • Themed garden
  • Butterfly & bird gardens
  • Medicinal gardens
  • Pool yard and pavilion gardens

Outdoor kitchens for entertaining

For those who love to entertain, outdoor kitchens are a must. To withstand the changing seasons in New England, we design all of our outdoor kitchens with low-maintenance, non-porous materials like granite and paver stones. When it comes to the dream outdoor kitchen, every person’s vision is unique. We’ll work with you to ensure that your kitchen includes not only the features you want, but the ones that your space needs.

Here are some of the features that we’re proud to offer:

  • Cabinets and storage
  • Grilling station
  • BBQ islands
  • Refrigeration
  • Bars and sinks
  • Patios and flooring

Beautiful swimming pools for summertime

After a cold New Hampshire winter, there’s nothing like making the most out of summer with your own private pool.

Some of design elements include:

  • Vinyl lined (colorful, cheaper, and long lasting)
  • Concrete (the new standard, durable, many applications)
  • Gunite (cement, sand and water mixture)
  • Paver stones (Elegant, most expensive, long lasting)
  • Fiberglass (Non-porous, algae resistant, less maintenance, limited shapes/size)

Custom water features

A great way to bring in some variety to your landscape is by adding an alluring water feature. The sound of cascading, pure water can provide a soothing vibe to any ambiance.

Here are some of the water features that we can design for you:

  • Ponds and natural pools
  • Water gardens
  • Water walls and stairways
  • Retaining wall fountains
  • Bubbling rock fountains
  • Column fountains
  • Copper tree fountains
  • Natural rock gardens

 Sustainable landscapes

Our earth is valuable and should never be taken for granted. Today, more and more homeowners are following Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design* (LEED) standards when making the home construction itself more energy efficient and carbon-neutral.

To aid in these environmentally-friendly initiatives, we offer sustainable landscaping. By doing this, we’ll provide a regenerative ecosystem that responds naturally to the environmental conditions where it grows, and provides value in developing healthy communities.

Impeccable project management

For every landscape project, we follow a 5-step process. We’ll be with you every step of the way starting with programming, inventory and analysis all the way through concept design and final project management.

There are many moving parts when creating a beautiful landscape design. Whether it’s managing contractors or finding the most cost-effective methods for you, we’re here to ensure that the project sails smoothly – from start to finish. 

Ready to turn your outdoor vision into a reality?

Our architects are ready when you are. Terrain Planning & Design offers free consultations to residents of MA, NH and ME who are looking to upgrade their space. Give us a call today at (603) 746-3512 and we can get started on planning your new beautiful outdoor area.

About Terrain Planning

Terrain Planning is a NH residential and commercial landscape architectural firm staffed with licensed landscape architects specializing in landscape architecture design and planning, land use planning, wetland permitting, landscape design, landscape contracting and construction project management with a keen eye for both natural and sustainable landscapes. Landscape design and architectural services include backyard landscape design, outdoor kitchen design, swimming pool design, patio, drive and walkway design, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, ponds and waterfalls, playground and park design, shoreline wetlands planning and permitting, shoreline erosion planning and construction, as well as residential development planning

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“Eric Buck with Terrain Planning is the most professional, versed, and creative architect that I have worked with in 30 years in the industry.”
ROB KEIM Keim Landscape Consulting
“Terrain planning and design have done several design projects for me. One of the few landscape design companies that will design and over see the project till the finish. Great company.”
Bryan Fournier Bryan Fournier Landscape & Irrigation
“We hired Eric from Terrain Planning to redesign the courtyard of our reproduction home in Henniker NH. The plans we received were absolutely top notch and beautiful.”
Russell Mann Henniker, New Hampshire

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