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Landscape Architects with decades of experience hold the key to this exciting addition!

Deciding on a stone patio designer and builder for your NH or MA residence? And with so many beautiful varieties of stone from which to choose? Need somewhere to start? Terrain Planning & Design can help. Our decades of experience and the proven ability to transform properties into a dream landscapes are just what you’re looking for. From design, to choice of stone to installation, we are the “one-stop-shop” project managers catering to all of your patio creation needs.

As opposed to using an ordinary contractor, hiring a landscape architect to design and execute a stone patio project is the smart – and safe route. Blending into the existing natural environment is a must. A correlation exists between all of the elements or your landscape, and a circular consistency between them and your new structure is required of any good design plan.

Design-Build in NH & MA | Our Stone Patio Creations Will Give You More Useful Space, While Adding Beauty And Functionality!


A clay brick patio is a steady, timeless addition to any home or business and is a cost-effective choice when compared to other materials. Ease of installation and maintenance is yet another advantage. Brick allows for a variety of design possibilities and gives an “earthy” quality that is perfect for blending in almost anywhere. Brick is especially nice for bringing out the green of your back yard and its toughness and durability make it a tried and true patio choice.


A granite patio will certainly make a hardy statement. This stone has been quarried by countless civilizations down through the ages for its strength, beauty and glistening mineral effects. Prized for its heavy mass, granite is highly sought after for its ease of maintenance and durability – and it is certainly in no small supply here in the Granite State. Colors like pink, white, mauve, and black – and a variety of finishes; natural, rough, polished or honed, allow for intricate patterns and offer ample possibilities. Granite is a wise choice if you need water resistance, given its rough exterior. Granite can be costlier but its beauty, strength and lasting qualities are well worth the investment.


Fieldstone is naturally found in the landscape of your region, thus lending instant authenticity to any project. Individual stones come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and offer an alternative to the uniformity of brick, concrete or pavers and the effects can be dazzling. Commonly used as material for chimneys and retaining walls, fieldstones are now being used to add to a home’s beauty. Fieldstone gives an earthen quality that is perfect for blending in almost anywhere, and its toughness, durability and low maintenance makes for a great patio.


Flagstone is harvested from rock quarries found in layers of sedimentary, stratified rock. These flat stones are cut into slabs of similar color, making them perfect for projects requiring a more level or harmonious surface. Patios, sidewalks and even interior flooring like garages and indoor mudrooms are commonly made from flagstone as their slab formation makes them great for linear projects. A combination of both fieldstone and flagstone is a great way to go.


A bluestone patio’s main advantage is the magical effect it creates wherever it is laid as it is among the more beautiful and striking of all the building stones. Versatile and natural, its color is generally determined by the depth wherein it is quarried. The deeper quarried rocks are commonly the most unique. Bluestone has many residential applications and is a great stone for areas that are frequently wet, like pool patios. Installation is relatively easy and the pavers come in many shapes and sizes. Bluestone is a cost effective and popular choice.

Why Choose Terrain? Forethought, Eyes Trained on the Future

Our goal is not just to make your stone patio appealing. We design for safety, functionality and a “hardscape” that gives your home direction, beauty and character. We can design your patio to curve around existing objects so it fits seamlessly within the environment and reflects your taste. Maybe this is the starting point of your new outdoor kitchen https://terrainplanning.com/services/outdoor-kitchen-design/ plan? We absolutely love creating these!

The advantage of hiring the landscape architects at Terrain is our forethought. Far beyond the elements of style and aesthetics, there are also the many practical elements of a stone patio’s functionality and use. We accomplish this through an overall landscape plan, of which your new patio is but a part. We think about entry, exit and crowd size, for example. And where you might head with your property in the future.

We offer full project management from start to finish. We will share ideas and options you may not have thought about – ideas that could save you money. Our patio design team spends a great deal of time understanding your specific needs. We guarantee the plan we create will fit your lifestyle.

Our initial design consultation is free!

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