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When designing a playground for your NH or MA backyard, schoolyard, municipal or commercial park, the “one-stop shop” for all your needs is Terrain Planning & Design. From conception to construction, our architects have perfected the process of creating safe, long-lasting play structures where children can while the hours away doing what they do best – being kids.

Interpretive play has become increasingly popular among parents, educators and environmental groups, though natural playgrounds are not a new concept. Since the dawn of time, children have made their own imaginary worlds with sticks, boulders, trees and logs. Stainless steel tubing and brightly colored plastic have only recently replaced the organic world of nature’s playgrounds.

Remembering this, and observing children at play in our times, provides insight for our school playground designers to create a more interactive and imaginative play environment. Studies have shown that children who play in this environment develop deeper creative, social and motor skills as they learn to relate to their surroundings – and each other.

Connecting to the Natural World

One key element to designing a more interpretive playground is nature itself. More than just play, the space should be used as an outdoor classroom, introducing children to nature in a hands-on way. Butterfly gardens, water features and bird feeders provide real-life examples of what they learn in the classroom. The tactile experience of these environmental playgrounds, whether pushing piles of sand, stacking smooth rocks, or pumping water from an old hand pump, will help develop a child’s connection to the natural world not otherwise gained in school.

The Interpretive Play Playground

A playground is an undertaking that requires an expert whose goal is not only safety and functionality, but also to make it flow seamlessly into the circular whole of your space. A swing set is but a swing set, but a boulder can be a mountain, or a ship, or a plane. As kids, we all walked along stonewalls, explored in the woods or along a creek. A pile of dirt could provide hours of amusement. The challenge in playground design is to include play structures that allow the children to decide what they think that object should be.

And at Terrain, we work with schools, PTOs, community centers and park directors to create interpretive and natural play playgrounds, or a hybrid of both, that are age-specific and designed to meet the specific needs, goals and budget of the organization.

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