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Pond Design services for clients in NH, MA, ME, and beyond

Add a unique element to your backyard or outdoor space with a beautiful pond design for your NH, MA, or ME home or commercial property.

Water features, such as a pond can have an incredible impact on elevating already beautiful outdoor landscapes, especially when it features a unique design. If you’ve been considering adding a pond to your backyard or commercial space, Terrain Planning and Design is ready and able to help you identify and realize your ideal vision.

No matter where you are in the deliberation process, even if you’re merely entertaining the possibility of adding a pond to your property, we invite you to get in touch with our team to learn about our philosophy, approach, and how we can translate an idea into a beautiful and functional reality.

The Terrain Planning and Design Approach

At Terrain Planning and Design, we believe in preserving the beauty of the landscape we’re working with. That means that we’ll do what’s best for your yard or outdoor space with great attention to the overall landscape. Always working with and never against nature means that we are able to achieve truly sustainable and harmonious results that are not only wonderful for the terrain but also perfectly reflect the vision of our clients.

When you’re a client with our firm, you’ll be just as involved and considered as the natural space we’re working to enhance. This integrated design approach from day one means that you will be actively engaged throughout every stage of the project, starting with your input about project goals, needs, and budget, and including you throughout the subsequent design, building, and project management phases. You’re a partner and collaborator along with our landscape architects and designers. This relationship helps us provide transparency, peace of mind, and potential cost savings.

If this philosophy of creating a sustainable, safe, and complementary pond design for your New Hampshire home or business aligns with your vision, we can’t wait to meet you.

How We can Help you Realize your Pond Design Vision

Deciding to add a custom water feature to your commercial or residential space is a big endeavor and not one that you’ll want to tackle alone. With so many considerations to take into account, it’s critical to find a partner that you trust.

At Terrain Planning and Design, we offer an all-in-one solution for our clients. Whether you know exactly the kind of pond design you’re after or you’re open to considering a design for a natural pool or water garden, we can help you conceptualize and execute that vision in a number of ways.

First and foremost, we bring to the table our thorough knowledge of landscaping and water feature design. We will consider every angle of the natural environment from proper drainage techniques to employing the right stone and rocks for the setting and anticipating the various challenges the terrain may present throughout the building process.

Building off that knowledge we will customize the pond design to fit the exact specifications and priorities we discuss in our initial meeting. You will be presented with a 3D rendering of your vision brought to life so that you can truly understand and get a feel for how it will be realized.

Once we get the go-ahead from you, our team will move on to fully develop the design by refining it to match the exact dimensions of your yard and determine a final budget. Following this stage, we’ll be here to take care of contractor bids to help you obtain the fairest price.

Throughout the building process, our team will be by your side as attentive project managers with your needs, vision, and budget in mind. Our seasoned experts will do their utmost to ensure that the timeline is being met and that the build and installation is attended to properly and efficiently. In the care of our experienced landscape architects, you can rest assured that your pond design vision will be respected and upheld.

Terrain Planning and Design is your One-Stop Shop for Pond Design

When you choose Terrain Planning and Design for your custom pond design project at your New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or Maine residence or business, you benefit from the one-stop-shop experience we offer. From design development to project management and all the way to the end product, our team delivers everything you could want and need.

This is possible because of our firm’s expertise and passion. Our team of New England natives knows very well and appreciates the natural elements of the New Hampshire landscape. This deep knowledge of and enthusiasm for the terrain influences our innovative and thoughtful designs. We want all our clients to experience the joy and beauty of the natural spaces they call home or conduct business in.

If you’re seeking a firm that understands and loves the New England landscape and can bring that fondness and savvy to your pond design project, give us a call at (603) 746-3512 to get started.

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Terrain Planning is a NH residential and commercial landscape architectural firm staffed with licensed landscape architects specializing in landscape architecture design and planning, land use planning, wetland permitting, landscape design, landscape contracting and construction project management with a keen eye for both natural and sustainable landscapes. Landscape design and architectural services include backyard landscape design, outdoor kitchen design, swimming pool design, patio, drive and walkway design, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, ponds and waterfalls, playground and park design, shoreline wetlands planning and permitting, shoreline erosion planning and construction, as well as residential development planning

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