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Looking for school playground designers in the New Hampshire or Massachusetts areas? Look no further than the experts at Terrain Planning and Design.

Many beautiful playgrounds throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts have been created by our skilled designers, so why not let us work with your school to create something truly unique?

At Terrain Planning and Design we understand the elements necessary to conceptualize, design, and build the perfect playground for your school. Every playground we build is different, but all of our playgrounds are the same in that they are the pinnacle of design excellence. We spare no effort to ensure that all of our playgrounds are safe, practical, and well-constructed. We also ensure that our playgrounds blend seamlessly into the natural environment. Most importantly, every playground we design is FUN. We have done extensive research to determine what it takes to spark a child’s creativity and what new features they want to see. We have blended this knowledge with the modern concepts of interpretive play in the natural environment to create a fun and mentally stimulating atmosphere for children.

School Playground Design to Inspire Imagination, Creativity, and Resourcefulness through Play

Your children’s imaginations are wonderful things and should be developed instead of hindered by their play environment. We have found that natural materials inspire the imagination of children far more than conventional steel and molded plastic playgrounds will ever do. We design our playgrounds using as many natural items as we can because a slide is just a slide, while a rock or tree can be a fort, ship, or airplane.  Natural materials more than anything else encourage children to decide what they think an object should be, instead of having their play experiences predetermined for them. Building a sand castle, pumping water from a well, or stacking rocks into a fort all give kids a tactile and imaginative experience not available elsewhere in school. Above all we try to remember what we wanted in a playground as kids, and then take all the skills we learned as adults to make it a reality.

Over the years we have amassed a great depth and breadth of skills and experience that will be at your disposal when we build your new playground. We are unique because we have a full conceptualization and design team that we pair with our real-world landscape contractor experience. We will design your new school playground to require low maintenance and to fit seamlessly into its surroundings. Our practical experience allows us to consider things such as storm water drainage and greenery maintenance from a long-term standpoint of having to care for the playground. As a result, we can often create innovative solutions to these problems before they arise ultimately saving you both time and money.

Building Environmentally Friendly Playgrounds for Schools in New Hampshire & Massachusetts

It is very important to us that we execute all our projects in an environmentally conscious manner. We believe that this responsibility takes several forms during the design and construction process. The first concern we have is to ensure that the playground “fits” in the surroundings well. This means that it must fit not only the man-made surroundings, but also the natural environment in several ways. It must first of all be pleasing to the eye while simultaneously looking as if it belongs there and is a part of the landscape. It must also work in harmony with nature because working against nature is not very productive. This takes the form of runoff management and erosion control design principles that we employ in all our builds. We also try to use existing topography and natural features as much as practical so as to disturb the environment to the least degree possible. Another important aspect is the natural materials we incorporate which are selected to last for years and years. In order to last for years, anything and everything that kids play on must be durable and easily repairable. This minimizes material waste as well as financial waste over time. At Terrain Planning and Design we love the outdoors, which is why we design playgrounds that help your children enjoy and preserve the outdoors that we both love.

Looking for Next Level School Playground Design in New Hampshire or Massachusetts? Call Today!

Whether your NH or MA school needs a new playground or just a redesign of an existing one, we have the designers to offer you an unparalleled suite of licensed project design experience that you can trust with your project.  Give us a call at 603.491.2322 and soon your children will be having tons of fun on a Terrain Planning and Design playground.

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