Perched Beach Construction

If you’ve ever inquired about installing a beach on your lakefront property in New Hampshire, you realize it’s an uphill battle. Although not impossible, getting permission to convert a section of your shoreline to a sandy beach is very difficult to do.

Recycled Patio Furniture

At Terrain Planning and Design, we employ the best practices when it comes to Earth stewardship and sustainability. After we are done designing and installing a patio, homeowners must then decide how they will furnish it. We like to encourage our clients to consider recycled patio furniture.

Designing With Native Plants

Whenever possible, the landscape designers here at Terrain Planning and Design like to design landscapes using native plant material.

Healing Gardens – Bringing Nature In

As anybody who has spent time in the outdoors knows quite well, being around nature has a way of making us feel better both emotionally and physically.

Rain Gardens—Not a New Concept in Landscape Design

For homeowners who are looking to become as eco-friendly as possible, a rain garden is an excellent solution. In its most basic form, a rain garden is a shallow depression that captures the water that runs off of your roof

LEED Home Construction Project Starting Soon

Our office received some really exciting news this week! One of the largest residential projects we have ever worked on (which has been dormant for the past three years) is finally scheduled to start.