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New Hampshire Outdoor Kitchen Design, Planning, & Construction from NH Certified Landscape Architects

When it comes to outdoor kitchen design, planning and construction at your NH home, don’t leave the end result to chance, hire professional architects

NH outdoor kitchen design, planning and construction, what you need to know; when it comes to the design, planning and construction of your outdoor backyard kitchen mistakes during all phases can lead to extremely costly outcomes. Contracting with a professional, credentialed NH landscape architect to handle and manage all phases ensures that not only will your backyard, patio, or pool deck kitchen be designed well for beauty, usability, and proper gathering, it will be properly planned and constructed. Outdoor kitchens can range in price from affordable entry-level designs to luxury, high end, and expensive designs. When it comes to an investment of this sort, no matter the price range, you need to make sure the end product is exactly what you envisioned and without compromise or quality.

The only way to ensure you posses the right design, have the right appliances and materials, and have the right people to build it properly is to hire a landscape architect to run the show!

Hiring a landscape architect for your outdoor kitchen design, planning and construction management is a critical step in the success of your project. The fact that you are looking for an outdoor kitchen design means you are probably creative, and have the capacity to dream big, and put ideas on paper, but have you thought of everything? The experience a landscape architect brings to the table is instrumental. You may have done an outdoor kitchen or not in your past, but having the experience of study, and real world practice for years ensures the pitfalls of others won’t be repeated. Additionally we are well versed in the trends of the day, nd all of the latest technologies in outdoor appliances from cooking appliances to fire and water features.

It’s usually not as easy as “just” building an outdoor kitchen. When it comes to outdoor kitchens in fact there are perhaps many more considerations to be understood and addressed when planning for location, style, construction, and maintenance than there is with an indoor kitchen. Factors such as the landscape around and within the area to be used needs to be considered to theme and style, other landscape construction and plantings needed to make it “fit” within it’s surroundings, and how it impacts the aesthetics of the other features around it. All landscape features play off, and complement, or not complement each other in very intimate ways, making just one mistake can be very costly in the overall outcome, keeping you away from your eyesore and cooking and enjoying time with friends, destined for a lifetime of regret, and indoor cuisine!

The Outdoor Kitchen Building & Construction Experience Can be as Bad as That of A Home Renovation Project, But it Doesn’t Have to be!

We have all heard the stories before, spouses at each other’s throats, divorce papers in the mail, and more. When it comes to home renovations the process can be daunting and miserable. One of the biggest assets to hiring a landscape architect to design, plan and manage construction of your outdoor kitchen is that they handle everything throughout the process; all you have to do is offer your input along the way.

Items to Consider When Designing and Building Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

The fact that your are considering building an outdoor kitchen at your New Hampshire home means you are creative to begin with, but when it comes to designing and planning your outdoor backyard kitchen have you thought of everything? The devil is in the details, and when it comes to design and planning, experience wins the day. Landscape architects like those found here at Terrain have years and years of experience designing, planning, and constructing outdoor kitchens, with that comes the experience necessary to anticipate concerns and considerations you may never have thought of prior to them becoming costly mistakes. Some of the more common items we consider during planning are listed below.

  • Budget
  • Layout
  • Size
  • Location
  • Access to Home Kitchen
  • Privacy
  • Bug and pest control
  • Functionality
  • Workflow
  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Seating
  • Storage
  • Proximity to other landscape elements and structures
  • Theme and style of home and neighborhood
  • Appliances & work surfaces
  • Bar requirements
  • Utility needs such as internet, water, electrical, plumbing and gas
  • Weather challenges
  • Coastal and shoreline challenges
  • Snow load
  • Maintenance and longevity of materials used during all phases of construction
  • Drainage and property runoff
  • Fire features, fireplaces, firepits, torches and more
  • Water features, waterfalls, ponds, etc
  • Foundation and floor material choices and options
  • Other landscaping design needs at the time of the project
  • Permitting or variances
  • Child Safety
  • Furniture Options

And above all, great design!

When it comes to home value almost nothing adds more to the selling price of a home than an outdoor kitchen!

According to a recent study by Zillow that looked at 4.6 million home sales across the country, and highlighted by a Coastal Living article “Homes With This Outdoor Entertaining Feature Sell for 25% More” View here

Homeowners who invest in an outdoor kitchen commensurate with the property and the neighborhood are protecting the value of their biggest asset, their home, and can garner up to 25% more than expected in the homes value at sale.

Investing in a landscape architect to ensure you reap those rewards is crucial to protecting your homes value. A properly designed and constructed outdoor kitchen can increase the value of your investment, but it can also lower it if not done properly, take the next step and call Terrain Planning for your free consultation, and let us show you how we can add tremendous value to not only your backyard in terms of financial gains, but gains in quality of life that will give you, your family, and friends many years of enjoyment and fond memories.

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